Fire Island Summer Club

One of Fire Island’s most prestigious communities, the Fire Island Summer Club is privately owned. Similar to its eastern equivalent Point O’ Woods, the Summer Club yacht club, tennis court, beach and bay area are only accessible to homeowners. Originally named the Fire Island Beach Club in 1946, it also borrowed the concept of 100-year leases so that the land was held in common while the houses privately owned. It was later renamed Fire Island Summer Club and ownership by-laws were changed to allow more direct ownership of property.

Life at the Summer Club revolves around a distinctive looking former Coast Guard Station that now serves as its meeting and social center. The Summer Club grounds are not the original location of this Fire Island Lifesaving station. Rather the station was situated at the eastern part of Fire Island, an area known as Blue Point, near the community of Water Island.

Fire Island Beach Club purchased the station for $3,500 in 1946 and floated it on a barge to its current location. At the time these stations, which were no longer in use, were considered surplus by the Federal Government and their private purchase was not an uncommon practice. It is said that one of the first public meetings among Fire Islanders organizing to combat Robert Moses plan for a highway through the center of the barrier beach took place at this station.

Residents of this family oriented summer sanctuary only have a ten-minute walk or very short bicycle ride to the excitement of Ocean Beach. The Summer Club offers a few rental opportunities each summer season. There are no direct ferries to Fire Island Summer Club. Residents and visitors to the community must take the Ocean Beach ferry and proceed west on Midway past Corneille Estates