Belvedere Guest House for Men

Belvedere Guest House for Men

Fire Island’s premier accommodation, the Belvedere Guest House for Men, is located on the bay front at Cherry Grove near Fire Island Pines just a few minutes from one of the world’s best beaches.

The Guest House is in the style of a Venetian Palace with terraces, towers, domes, statuary, antiques, and fountains. A roof-top terrace and bay-front deck affords spectacular views of the Great South Bay, the ocean, and towns; sunsets are magnificent. We have other sun decks, a swimming pool, hot tub, gym, high-speed wireless Internet connection, and television room.

We supply ice, coffee, refrigerators, and serve a complimentary continental breakfast on Sundays.

33 Bayview Walk, Cherry Grove, NY 11782
(631) 597-6448

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