Fire Island Ferry Schedule

2017 Fire Island Ferries

The Fire Island ferry schedule confuses the hell out of most visitors resulting in many people (many people) missing their desired ferry. We have made the schedule much easier to read on the Fire Island Ferry App, you can also see the ones below.

Do you have an iPhone? We have a Fire Island Ferry App that has the schedules for all of the towns on Fire Island as well as an event calendar, maps, pictures, videos, and more.
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Useful information about getting to Fire Island:

There are three main ferry companies operating on Fire Island, and they serve different areas of Fire Island. Make sure you are getting on the right boat!

Davis Park Ferry – Services: Davis Park, Watch Hill.

Sayville Ferry – Services: Gay Fire Island – Fire Island Pines, Cherry Grove, Sailors Haven, and Water Island.

Fire Island Ferries Inc – Services:  Ocean Beach Fair Harbor Kismet  Saltaire Dunewood/Atlantique  Ocean Bay Park Seaview

For more information and directions to Fire Island check here.

Fire Island Ferry Dunewood 2017

Fire Island Fair Harbor 2017 

Fire Island Ferry Kismet 2017

Fire Island Ferry Ocean Beach 2017

Fire Island Ferry Ocean Bay Park 2017

Fire Island Ferry Saltaire 2017

Fire Island Ferry Seaview 2017

Fire Island Ferry Sailors Haven 2017

Sayville Ferry Service Water Island 2017

Sayville Ferry Service Pines and Cherry Grove Freight Boat

Fire Island Pines Ferry Schedule  2017

Cherry Grove 


The ferry is CASH ONLY, and a one-way ticket costs $9 (you also have the option of buying a round-trip ticket for $17. Lastly, note that if you are bringing a large amount of luggage (read: coolers full of beer), you will likely be charged for doing so. Anything large (bikes or large wagons) will not be permitted on the ferries at any time, and you will have to send them over separately on the freight ferry.

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