Hurricane Irene Aftermath & Photos

Hurricane Irene Aftermath
Fire Island, New York.
Monday, August 29, 2011.

Officials assess Damage on Fire Island.
Suffolk county officials have visited Fire Island to assess the damage caused by Hurricane Irene. The report corroborates resident’s accounts that we have been publishing on the Fire Island Facebook page and on for the past few days.

With great relief we can confirmed that no homes were lost on the island as a result of this storm and damages are minimal, and mostly a result of coastal flooding. Fire Island has a sensitive ecosystem and the effects of this storm could have been a lot worse.

As of Monday, August 29, 2011 Fire Island Ferries has announced it will resume Service to all Fire Island communities on Tuesday, August 30th.

Officials have confirmed:
No major damage to homes on the barrier island.
No actual breaks in the beach.
Protective dunes have been washed away, in numerous areas.
Flooding is still a problem with a few feet of water still in the village of ocean beach as well other low lying areas of Fire Island

Fire Island’s shores have suffered from erosion for years, and every storm that passes over our island is puts us at risk. I want to thank everyone for sharing information and pictures during this event. The best source for information is each other.

Below is a gallery of images posted by members of the Fire Island community.  Feel free to share yours.
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