The community of Fair Harbor is part of the town of Islip and was first founded in the 19th century. Similar to other Fire Island communities, Far Harbor is primarily a summer hot-spot for visitors to the island. In the off-season, few families still choose to live there. Fair Harbor is famous for its “Sixish” tradition; originally started by the locals in the 70’s, each evening the people of Fair Harbor go out to the dock to watch the sunset. The view is unlike any other in the world and is a must-see for those vacationing to Fire Island.

The economy of Fair Harbor is driven by their house rental market. Most of the homes in the community were built in the 70’s but some date back as far the 40’s. Car access is extremely limited during the off-season and no access at all during the summer. Like many of the other Fire Island communities, the primary mode of travel is by walking or by bike. The only way to reach Fair Harbor is by ferry.

Although Fair Harbor does not have many stores or restaurants, it does have everything you could possibly need. The famous Le Dock restaurant has a stunning view of the bay. There is also a general store that has boating and biking related items readily available. Additionally, there is a snack bar, pizza shop, and liquor store located just inland of the dock. The neighboring communities of Dunewood and Lonelyville are scarce for services and offer little in the way of stores or restaurants.

During the summer, Fair Harbor offers full-time medical and emergency services. Founded in 1931, the Fair Harbor Fire Department is entirely a volunteer force. Education opportunities in Fair Harbor are rather limited, however; children from the surrounding communities attend the Fire Island School District until middle school where they are bussed to schools in Islip or Bay Shore.
Fair Harbor has become an increasingly popular destination for summer vacations. House rentals in the months of July and August on average runs for $3,000 a week for a minimum of two weeks. Due to the extremely high demand, there is very little available in the way of buying a house in Fair Harbor. Most houses in the area range from $600,000 to just under $1,000,000.