Seaview | Fire Island

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Come and stay awhile.


This scenic area boasts what is perhaps the most convenient location on the Fire Island map, snugly wedged between Ocean Bay Park and Ocean Beach. With a strong emphasis on residential living, Seaview maintains a kid friendly feel with the community playgrounds, tennis and basketball courts, ball field, and arguably one of the finest lifeguard supervised bay beach swimming facilities of any Fire Island community. Seaview is home to Fire Island’s only Synagogue, which also runs a youth program and community activities.

Seaview was once home of a fish factory that established by Gilbert P. Smith in 1895. Unlike Selah Clock’s enterprise in Lonelyville to the west that transported fish for food, what would become Seaview was a processing plant to produce menhaden oil and fertilizer. Gilbert P. Smith’s father was fabled master boat builder, Gilbert M. Smith Of Patchogue, NY. Sometimes called the “Wizard of the Great South Bay” the elder Smith’s wooden catboats were coveted for their speed and are still esteemed to be among the finest examples of late 19th and early 20th Century Long Island watercraft history. By 1907 Gilbert P. Smith closed his factory and began selling real estate lots on the land parcel where his factory once stood. As menhaden processing plants like the one in Seaview were notorious for their stench, keeping the plant open was not an option once residential development was being considered.

Today Seaview is a quietly affluent community with interesting architecture on generously sized green, shady lots. Seaview is also home to the only established synagogue on Fire Island, which was founded by the author Herman Wouk. In something of a curiosity Seaview is the only Fire Island community to be under the jurisdiction of two separate towns as the Islip / Brookhaven town line bisects it from north to south at its final eastern blocks. Amenities include a single, but well managed grocery store, a liquor store, plant nursery shop, and residential marina. Seaview does have a direct ferry line from Bay Shore, but also depends on the Ocean Beach line as service dwindles in the shoulder months.